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A global business solutions provider. eOp leads the way for rapid deployment of E-Commerce system for businesses by solving the complex issue of channel conflicts. eOrderProc's open system allows global businesses partners to sell either through our well established channel or through online from clients' existing websites while avoiding potential obstacles/hassles of:  

  1) Channeling into the Big Box Accounts;   

  2) Setting up Credit Card/Paypal Payment Process;   

  3) Fulfilling timely orders;  

  4) Communicating with B2B, B2C, EDI systems    

  5) Warehouse / Inventory Management and  

  6) PO Tracking and Replenishment.

Our Web-based solution eOrderProc™ System, enables brand name companies to sell their products online at greater margins and for greater profits without any boundaries, while including their valuable retailers. Small and large retailers are included in and profit from direct brand to consumer E-Commerce for the first time all over the world.

This open system solution is available with no investment in new infrastructure. Intelligent businesses use the eOrderProc™ System's easy to use e-commerce software to sell their products directly to consumers while maintaining and strengthening the vital relationships with their existing retailers. A new client can be active and selling on the Web-based system in less than 30 days.

eOrderProc's goal is to help business partners grow their business both online and through traditional sales. eOrderProc supports the partners who support their retailers.

Retailer / Online Webstore Seller

B2B, B2C: Rapid deployment of webstore on-line business to allow front-end interfaces integrating with corporation's backend system seamlessly.

Payment: Allow businesses to settle payments (in multiple currencies) either in Credit Card or PayPal.

ERP: A totally integrated system to solve most of the issues related to Enterprise Resource Planning. This provides ease of mind to our clients without the hassle of additional expenditures on pricey system.


Distribution Channel: The Online Sales Coordinator was designed specifically for your needs. Our flexible, easy to use system helps you eliminate the channel conflict historically inherent in wholesaler to consumer E-Commerce. We provide you the services to successfully profit from online sales while maintaining and strengthening your relationships with your existing retailers. Wholesalers use the Online Sales Coordinator to tap into the growing potential of online sales by partnering with your existing retailers to lead the way for win-win E-Commerce


ENTER DATE HERE: As a consumer, they can purchase products directly from vendor's entire real time inventory and receive supports from local retailers. When they buy direct from the manufacturer they are assured of product's authenticity. eOrderProc handles all merchant transactions and offers our consumer a variety of return and exchange policies.