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Company Goal / Vision:

eOP is formed based on a vision and a strategy. The vision is to deploy an innovative, cost-effective, web based solution responding to the current needs in E-Commerce. The strategy is to enable clients of all natures to include their core retailers in a win-win E-Commerce solution. The result is the eOrderProc Solution. This patent pending, web-based technology had been in development for years before launching. We look to change the way manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers view the ever-increasing world of E-Commerce.

We offer a cost-effective solution for our partners to capitalize on the benefits of E-Commerce while maintaining consumer and retailer loyalty. By outsourcing with us, our partners benefit from our scalable infrastructure, which is designed to operate multiple E-Commerce businesses. As a result, our partners are able to avoid the significant capital investments and operating expenses that would be required to operate profitable online retailing.

eOP offers flexibilty, security and a low-risk partnership in a unique system that is both economical and intelligent. Our common goal is to grow your online sales and profits while including your vital retailers/customers. By offering a unique win-win E-Commerce solution, eOP plans to lead the way for the future E-Commerce.